Tracy Desmond

When Yours is Only Yours

I don't want your life, so why do I compare myself to you?

I oscillate frequently between accepting a mediocre life and yearning for something more. I can't exactly pinpoint what "more" is - I think it involves writing a book and achieving some sort of recognition - but even more important is addressing the fact that I feel stuck in working toward that "more."

How do we as humans grapple with this identity crisis? I am asking solely for myself because as I sit here typing away when I should be grading 5th- grade math tests, I wonder why I am even here in the first place.

My sister told me recently that life is just this - the feeling shitty and feeling great. The highs and the lows. So just ride it. Mindfulness websites tell me to be grateful. In presence is where miracles happen. So, be here I will. Making more out of what is. Moving and thinking with so much intention that it slows me down. I already have it all.